The project

The InternetRetailing Europe Top500 (IREU 500) is the first Europe-wide retail performance index, gauging and comparing best practice across 
the trading bloc’s 500 most significant retailers. Significant retailers are chosen according to their ‘Footprint’ size, 
incorporating web engagement, physical locations and revenue.

The report analyses six key dimensions and presents extraordinary insights in to how Europe’s top retailers are performing in:
Key Topics

Download the full report here -

Delegates at InternetRetailing Summit will receive the latest version of the IREU Top500 Report, the very first and most comprehensive piece of research on the European ecommerce and multichannel market, which defines which companies that make up the Elite list and why. The IREU Top500 Report launched in March 2016, and will be updated in March 2017 and be available to delegates at the 2017 Summit.

See who is who in Europe in the footprint report here and stay tuned to be the first one to receive the full IREU Top500 Report as a delegate at InternetRetailing Summit.